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My Vietnamese Tutor offers a range of focused topics that reflect everyday situations. You can listen to the spoken dialogues, read about the language function of each word and work through extended vocabulary.

Robert Wiedijk – Canberra based student

#1 – Choose Your Language Focus

Whatever your language focus, My Vietnamese Tutor will structure a course designed for you.


Learn Vietnamese General

Learning Vietnamese with a general focus with My Vietnamese Tutor is the perfect preparation for students wishing to improve their all-round Vietnamese language skills at a pace that suits them. With a strong focus on the core skills (listening, speaking and reading), you could complete our courses with real-world Vietnamese skills that you can use anywhere. Your new practical understanding of the Vietnamese language will take you all the way to fluency. See your confidence improve as we train you to communicate successfully in Vietnamese.


Learn Vietnamese Travel

So you’re planning a trip to Vietnam and want to get a handle on the type of language that you need to use every day? Then you have definitely come to the right place! You will get schooled in greetings, shopping interactions, travel, and a host of general holiday communication. We have created comprehensive materials to help you develop your Vietnamese for tourism-specific encounters to Vietnam. Knowing some useful language your trip will be more meaningful and give you a genuine sense of what it is like to live in Vietnam.


Learn Vietnamese Business

You are a professional looking to get a head-start on other businesses with the right tools to speak Vietnamese so that you can do business with the world’s main emerging economies. Vietnam is the sort of place where being able to speak some of the local language can take you a long way in business and there is no greater compliment to the Vietnamese people you are dealing with in business than speaking to them in their own language. We will design a course to develop your Vietnamese for business-specific encounters in Vietnam.

#2 – Choose Your Lesson Package

Note: There are no prerequisites for each lesson option as we tailor a course based on your level, purpose and goals.

Learn Vietnamese with 5 Lessons

5 Lessons


  • 5 Personalised Lessons
  • 4 hours 10 Minutes
  • Access eLearning Materials
  • Learn the Foundations
  • Achieve Formulaic Proficiency
Get Package 1 | 5 Lessons
Learn Vietnamese with the confidence of getting off to a solid start!

Our 5 Lesson Package offers you a comprehensive introduction to Vietnamese. Starting with 5 introductory lessons, you will get a good basic foundation and feel for the language. Also, you will gain a solid grounding in Vietnamese tonality and its sound system, and you should be able to use Vietnamese in a very limited and practical capacity within the most immediate, predictable areas of your own need, using mainly common phrases and expressions and single word utterances. This level of language learning can provide a firm foundation for further development of your skills in speaking Vietnamese.

10 Lessons


  • 10 Personalised Lessons
  • 8 Hours & 20 Minutes
  • Access eLearning Materials
  • Learn the Basic Essentials
  • Achieve Basic Transactional Proficiency
Get Package 2 | 10 Lessons
Learn Vietnamese with 10 Lessons
Learn Vietnamese for a trip of a lifetime!

Our 10 Lesson Package offers you a good basic understanding of Vietnamese and the basic language essentials for you to communicate effectively in some common daily situations. With tailored lessons based on your level and language purpose, and individual learning support, you can be assured that you will gain the confidence needed to achieve your goals. After completing 10 lessons, you should be able to satisfy your own immediate needs, using predominantly common phrases and expressions in a variety of contexts such as making a simple purchase and ordering food, and using culturally appropriate language.

Learn Vietnamese with 20 Lessons

20 Lessons


  • 20 Personalised Lessons
  • 16 Hours & 40 Minutes
  • Access eLearning Materials
  • Learn Beyond the Basics
  • Achieve Basic Transactional Proficiency
Get Package 3 | 20 Lessons
Learn Vietnamese to get ahead for social and business purposes!

Our 20 Lesson Package offers you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive general understanding of Vietnamese which will take you beyond the basic language essentials for you to communicate effectively in the most common daily situations. Our courses are designed to develop your Vietnamese for all type of language encounters in Vietnam. After completing 20 lessons, you should be able to satisfy your own immediate needs, using predominantly formulaic language as well as more business specific vocabulary and etiquette.

30 Lessons


  • 30 Personalised Lessons
  • 25 Hours
  • Access eLearning Materials
  • Learn to Post Beginners
  • Achieve Transactional Proficiency
  • Get a bonus MVT T-shirt
  • 2 Free Conversation Hangouts
Get Package 4 | 30 Lessons
Learn Vietnamese with 40 Lessons
Learn Vietnamese for a life changing experience!

Our 30 Lesson Package offers you the best scope for learning Vietnamese comprehensively. With 25 hours of personalised language tuition, when beginning from a preliminary level, you should be able to achieve a post beginner level and gain the confidence to conduct basic conversations confidently in a variety of common situations. Also regardless of your language focus, you should be able to achieve transactional proficiency; being able to communicate simple routine needs and provide basic details of less predictable occurrences. Additionally, in social situations, you should be able to make introductions, give basic biographical information, ask and answer basic questions and convey simple intentions or attitudes.

#3 - Start Learning Vietnamese

Don't hesitate! Kick start your learning by booking a Vietnamese lesson with one of our friendly tutors now.

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