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Trial Lesson to Start

Get started with a no obligation, 30 minute lesson
  • Schedule a trial lesson online with a tutor of your choice

    All you need to do to get started is to book a lesson with one of our talented tutors at a time and day that suits you.

  • Join your tutor for a 30 mintue lesson in a Hangout

    In this first lesson, your tutor will teach you how to greet in Vietnamese and get you acquainted with our available recourses for your future use.

  • Start Learning Vietnamese

    Liked the resources and enjoyed your first trial lesson? Once you commence paid lessons, you will have free access to these eLearning resources for 30 days after your last paid lesson.


Lesson Packages

Our Recommendation
We recommend 20 lessons (Lesson Package 3) as a minimum to be able to learn the basic language essentials to communicate effectively in a variety of situations

Weekly Payment Options

“Easy weekly payments instead of paying the full amount upfront! Lessons are not locked to payments! You have the freedom to book lessons when it suits you.”My Vietnamese Tutor

20 Lesson Package

20 Private Online Lessons | 16 hrs & 40 mins
Free access to eLearning Materials

Pay in full over a period of 16 weeks

  • Weekly payments of $28.12

  • Initial set up fee of $12

  • Save $80 on lessons

Total package cost $461.92


30 Lesson Package

30 Private Online Lessons | 25 hours
Free access to eLearning Materials

Pay in full over a period of 23 weeks

  • Weekly payments of $27.71

  • Initial set up fee of $14

  • Save $157 on lessons

  • 2 Free Conversation Hangouts

  • Bonus My Vietnamese Tutor shirt

Total package cost $651.33


Common Questions

Absolutely. We encourage you to book a first trial lesson before committing to purchasing a lesson package. This first lesson will give you a good overview of what you can expect when learning online with My Vietnamese Tutor. When you go through the booking process, simply choose “30 Minute Trial Vietnamese Language Lesson” option.
Lesson packages can be purchased by international credit card or Paypal. There are two payment options: Option 1: A single upfront one off payment which applies to all our lesson packages (5, 10, 20 and 30) or B: A weekly payment option which only applies to our 20 and 30 lesson packages. To continue learning after your have used all the lessons you paid for, simply purchase more lessons. For more details on these packages read our scheduling page. http://myvietnamesetutor.com/lesson-scheduling/
No. The price listed for each lesson package or single lesson is the price you pay in Australian dollars. Note: There are initial set up fees for our 20 and 30 lesson weekly payment options with $12 for the 20 Lesson Package and $14 for the 30 Lesson Package.
Once you commence paid lessons, you will have free access to our eLearning resources for up to 30 days after your last paid lesson, after which time access will cease. A third option is to organise paid access to this resource on an monthly basis as a subscription. For more information about this option, please email info@myvietnamesetutor.com
We pride ourselves on offering the best service possible. As you purchase lessons in advance we are committed to ensuring we provide you with a highly professional service.
Yes. You can cancel a booking. Simply send your tutor an email or email info@myvietnamesetutor.com at least 6 hours before the scheduled start time of the lesson. However, if you do not turn up for the lesson or formally cancel the lesson without adequate prior notice before the scheduled start (e.g. 5 hours beforehand) then, unfortunately, you will have to pay for that lesson – sorry.
Your tutor will wait for a minimum of 10 minutes from the scheduled start time. Then they will stop waiting and go offline. As a result you will have to pay for this lesson. Note: As lessons can be booked back-to-back, there are no guarantees that any lost time from lateness can be made up afterwards. You will have to reschedule another lesson.
Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds. You can use your purchased lessons within a period of up to 12 months from the day of purchase. We understand that sometimes your situation may change and cause you to have to delay using those lessons. However you will still get access to the eLearning resources, for 30 days after your last paid lesson. Although, you have the option to purchase paid access to those eLearning resources separately.